Friday, February 25, 2011

Freedom of speech is useless if we don't use it

I've organized a impromptu grass roots pro working people/pro teacher demonstration here in Johnson City for tomorrow afternoon. I made the following signs to use there:

This is the one I'll be carrying.

I made these two for other people to use if they showed up without a sign.

A reporter from our local corporate owned conservative news rag called me up and practically accused me of being a union stooge. He had a hard time believing that a private citizen like me would organize a pro union/pro worker demonstration to show our support for working people.

If you're in the area we'll be demonstrating in front of First Tennessee Bank on North Roan Street from noon to 2:00 PM. Come on out and use your freedom of speech to support workers and labor!


Jim said...

Amen to that brother!
I will also be attending a rally here in the city of Chicago, which still is a great Union town.

Tengrain said...

Dr. Monkey -

You sir are a true patriot. Thank you for doing this.

I'm honored to know you.



Anonymous said...

Having known a lot of people in college who were in the journalism department, most of whom were as dumb as fuck, I'm not surprised your reporter is a dim bulb. Good luck with your demonstration.

dguzman said...

Nice work, Monkey! I just wish more people realized the truth about unions and all they have done--and continue to do--to keep wages and benefits from going into the dumper. People wonder why we even have an American Dream? It's partly because of unions. Too many people listen to the crackpot repuglicans' version of history and don't bother to learn more on their own.

gmb said...

Good for you, Dr. Monkey. I went to the NYC protest. Don't know why they scheduled it at 11:00 a.m. instead of noon (New Yorkers sleep in on Saturday), and holding it in front of City Hall Park ensures a small crowd (it can't accomodate more than 5,000). Still, I went. Had a sinus headache, but the Advil Cold & Sinus did its magic. Didn't stay long (the sound was really loud, as in hurt my ears loud), but saw that there was a good crowd. Apparently the media mooks covered it. Cong. Weiner showed up and spoke.

Big Ern said...

Dr Monkey

Congratulations on the success of your Rally. If you expected 50, and got 200, who knows how many you will get next time! I hope it is a example of what might happen all over the USA

I never fail to be amused and amazed by your blog, it is one of the first places i visit when i log on to the interweb!

I even bought Wisconsin Death Trip on your say so!!

Keep on fighting the good fight!

Big Ern xxx

Melbourne Australia