Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We'll have to do it ourselves

It's become abundantly clear that all the political parties in power in Washington DC are actively working against the best interests of this country and the long term interests of we the people. Republicans and teabaggers want to return us to the '50's, the 1750's. And the Democrats in power have moved further to the right of Bill Clinton who had already moved far to the right of Jimmy Carter who was more centrist than most.

It's obvious that the laws of this country are written to aid and abet the rich. And the tool they use to enforce those laws, the police, works for the upper classes and corporate America.

If you're looking to Washington DC or to the police to help you, then you're barking up the wrong tree. We're going to have to get ourselves out of this mess they put us in by using a mixture of civil disobedience, infiltration of both political parties, bringing back the labor union movement, heavy duty organizing, and getting working class and poor people registered to vote.

I'm tired of the way things are and I bet you are too. We pinned our hopes on Obama and he pissed all over us, just like Hillary would have done had she been elected. But we can change things, we most certainly can. The current president of Brazil was a urban guerrilla who did street by street organizing and a bit of street fighting, she was imprisoned, tortured, and she made her way out and got to the top. If she can do it, so can we.

Let's do it.


Mnmom said...

I'm with you! I didn't want to think my own party would sell me down the river, but sadly that's exactly what they've done. But can I skip the whole imprisoned and tortured part?

Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

Count me in !

gmb said...

Hey, we might not be able to throw a handful of sand into the gears, but if each of us threw a few grains of sand... My goal this year is to convince people not to buy anything without knowing where it was grown and manufactured. Just the act of asking might shake up those son-of-a-bitches who outsourced American jobs. I write a few e-mails every month, and when I get a reply telling me that the product I'm interested in was made in China, I thank them for the response but tell them that I won't buy their product b/c I don't buy crap made in China, especially not stuff that has been and could be made here. If only 10% of us did that?

Liberality said...

Unions are going down the tubes as well. We need unions--we need unions--we NEED unions!!!