Friday, January 28, 2011

Wall of vintage

A wall in my office here at Monkey Central:
The map I found inside a book I bought in a thrift store. I picked up the 1938 Liberty Magazine cover and matte at a sale at local art gallery. The little frame next to it contains a postcard I bought from a photographer at Bele Chere, which is a local street festival over in Asheville, NC, which is just across the mountain from me. The black S is a movie marquee letter that fell off the marquee at the Grandin Theatre in Roanoke, VA. The small framed fish is a watercolor and ink illustration I bought at a local festival and the bigger silver framed piece is an advertisement for a cruise ship company that I got out of a vintage travel magazine.


Wings said...

Cool to see. Is that top painting up too high to actual look at though?

Wings said...

And the "S" is a cool find, and can work for Sparky. ;)

Blueberry said...

I am looking for a great big letter like that, but bigger, to put outside for birds to make nests in. An "S" would work but I prefer a "B."