Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shitty day

We had another blast of winter weather, and yes, we get winter weather in the mountains of Tennessee. We got a couple inches of snow on top of the snow we got the other day which hadn't melted yet because it's been colder than Christian charity here lately. Here's a shot I took while driving earlier today:
And here's another I took of the fog and snow on the mountains:
I love how the fog masks the top of the mountains so that it looks like they go onward and upward forever.

Sparky had the day off due to the weather so we planned a nice quiet day at home, she decided to bake various breads and I was going go scan some stuff, read some of the graphic novels I got at my local library yesterday, and just chill. However things didn't turn out like I had planned.

As I was dressing after my shower Sparky said that the toilet down on the main floor of our house was flooding. I ran down to see that it was indeed flooding. It was spewing brown water that was mixed with shit, toilet paper, and gawd knows what else. I tried plunging it to dislodge any blockage but the plumbing gods laughed at me and it spewed on and off for another hour before I finally called our plumber. He got to our place, while the snow was falling faster than Paris Hilton can spread an STD to a room full of drunken frat boys, a half hour later and he pulled the toilet, snaked the drain out to the street, and fixed the problem. It was the best $195 we ever spent.

Then we were left with the clean up. Not only had nasty shitty germy water poured onto the bathroom floor, it also got into our kitchen floor, the basement bathroom, and we then tracked all over our house while we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. So once the plumber was finished, paid, and gone, I went and bought some Pine Sol and sanitary wipes. We cleaned the floors, the walls, the doorknobs, and anything else we could think of that the bad nasty no good water may have touched. The toilet crisis began at about 1 PM and by the time we got done cleaning up after the plumber was finished it was nearly 6 PM.

Some relaxing snowy day huh. At least our toilet drain is snaked clean and this shit didn't go down on New Years Day when we had a house full of people.

Now if we can just keep our pipes from freezing when the real cold hits on Wed. and Thursday. The highs on those days are supposed to hit the mid 20's and the lows may dip below zero, so wish us luck.


Wings said...

That sucks, Doc. Glad it was eventually fixed up & cleaned up, but yeah, crappy day indeed!

Wings said...

But - was there ever a better blog headline? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, the best laid plans. Sorry your relaxing day was spent mopping up shitty water.

Lsamsa said...

Dr. Monkey...did I say something wrong? Comment seems to be gone.

Kim Hambric said...

Sorry about your shitty day. Everybody has one once in a while. It's been about 8 years since our last shitty day. We used to have a sewer issue and once a year or so, we'd have a basement full of the stuff. Good times.

K.Line said...

That is so wretched. Sorry to hear about this.

On the flip side, your photos are beautiful.

gmb said...

Oi. I hope you both finished the day with a great meal and a stiff drink.

Mnmom said...

You are the KING of metaphors, you know that?!

Don't you just hate when that happens? At least you were home to stop the shitty carnage, and to get a plumber there right away.

Lisa said...

What a drag. I hope everything is back in order now. Good working order.