Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The good news is

... the Egyptian people are revolting.

The bad news is our government is on the side of the dictator Mubarak.

If we truly went to war to bring democracy to the Middle East then we should have invaded Egypt and Saudi Arabia, not Iraq and Afghanistan.


gmb said...

Dr. Monkey, but "we" don't want to bring democracy to the middle east. Our government keeps these dictatorships afloat with money and might because the Saudi royal parasites, Mubarat, etc. serve our rich peoples' purposes. Or maybe all the obscenely rich really do chat and discuss how they will keep the other 99% of us distracted? It's working. Always has.

libhom said...

If we had invaded Egypt, the gummint would have put in Haliburtonian Xeocracy, not democracy.