Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This week in stupid

Taxes will be going down for the rich but they'll be going up for the poorest among us if President Quisling's tax cut wish come true. And he's going to dig his heels in and fight for his tax cut capitulation even when faced with the fact that no jobs were created the last time taxes for the rich got cut and that the rich won't spread that money around.
However the unemployed people who only get one more year of benefits, while the rich get two, would spread their money around because they have to pay for things like food, housing, transportation. So giving the rich more money they won't spend but taking it from the unemployed who will certainly spend it and thereby stimulate the economy is stupid.

Here's a shocker, a Republican said something stupid...
Rep. Bachus from Alabama, ground zero for most stupid, says that Congress shouldn't regulate banks. He says that Congress should instead serve the banking industry. Hmmmm, I don't know about you, but I get the feeling he's going to serve us to his banking industry overlords on a silver platter. Bend over America, here comes more financial industry stupid!

Wanna hear something really fucking stupid?The loser behind Hillary Clinton's losing Presidential campaign and the man who's current job is to make sure corporations don't get besmirched in the court of public opinion and to make sure they get their way in Congress, Mark Penn, is lobbying for President Quisling's tax cut capitulation on the Huffington Post. It just goes to show you where his heart and mind is...they're on his ever swelling bank account. Go fuck yourself you stupid fat corporate fuck. I hope your taxes get raised through the roof you pig.

Just when you think that Fox News can't get any stupider, they do:
And finally, don't forget that while we stupidly waste billions in tax dollars occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, our citizens here in the USA are being denied Medicaid, unemployment benefits, life saving drugs, and we are being forced to make due with a crumbling infrastructure. But the good news is American Idol is coming back soon, we're still kicking the world's ass in corn production, and we've got the war on Christmas nearly won!

Have a gloriously stupid Christmas America! You deserve it.


Liberality said...

No one can really believe that anyone, no matter how talented they are, deserves millions and millions of dollars, let alone billions. No one should be so greedy and consume or take so many resources.

McGriddle Pants said...

I think every person endorsing lowering the minimum wage should have to MAKE minimum wage for a month, just to "see" if its really that good.

Fuck faces.