Monday, November 8, 2010

No, not now, not ever

It's so cute to listen to President Obama talk about finding common ground to work with the Republicans on. It's admirable of him to keep saying this kind of thing but you, me, and everyone you know knows it ain't going to happen.

They both are working towards the same goal, keeping our corporate overlords fat, happy, and wealthy, but they seem to think they're somehow at odds. Well, I guess they actually are now that I think about it because the Republicans want 100 % fealty to the gospel of greed and rape of the planet, while President Obama has a bit of a heart in that he'd like to see corporations get a bit less while we slow climate change and hold the rape of the planet down just a little bit.

But when you look at it objectively, the major parties are both subservient to the corporations and the money they've flooded our political system with. But since the right wing and big business need an 'other' to attack, they've chosen President Obama. So they paint him as a socialist and a Communist when he's the furthest thing from it. The only Republican who will tell you some of the truth, Ron Paul, will tell you Obama is no socialist, he'll tell you he's a corporatist, and he's right. So they'll howl how much Obama is trying to kill big business when in fact he's helping it all he can, while trying to still look like he's on the side of working people, which in reality, he's not.

Republicans have historically been against any government program that helps the largest number of ordinary citizens. They were against Social Security (and they still are since they want to privatize it), Medicare (they called it socialism), Medicaid, the minimum wage, school lunches, overtime pay, civil rights, and on and on. They have seen how most of the programs have become beloved by most Americans and they don't want the same thing to happen to the half baked health care over haul that President Obama got passed. So they're going to attack it, and try to get it repealed. And the sad thing is, President Obama will work with them to help them do it because he has no spine and he wants to get re-elected.

If he really wanted to get re-elected and to have an unshakable mandate and a rabid following that would support him in tough times then he'd take the exact opposite of his 'bipartisan' approach. He should look to FDR for his cues on how to conduct business with Congress and the corporations. FDR stood up to the heat from the wealthy and the Republicans and he welcomed their scorn while he bent them to his will. And he did that by giving American a stark alternative from the big business uber alles Republicans of his day.

We don't want two parties that are the same. We want the two political parties, and ideally we should have five or ten political parties, to have very different platforms and to stand and fight for different things. What we've got is two major parties who only care about how they can get re-elected so that they stuff their pockets with corporate cash and stay in power forever.

And it's not going to change until we get corporate cash out of politics. So, it's not going to change...not now...not ever...

...until the whole rotten system collapses.


John Shuck said...

Very well said, sir.

jadedj said...

Not an inaccurate statement in the entire post.

Nan said...

Nicely said.

dguzman said...

That IS the only way it'll end--in collapse. The only problem is that they'll just keep driving it into the ground, like they have been since Reagan, because that way they make themselves richer and leave us with the bills. And then when it does collapse, and we're all left without jobs or homes, we'll STILL be paying taxes into the sinkhole that never ends.

It's really fucking frustrating to me to see that no matter who gets elected, we all keep getting screwed.

Kulkuri said...

In addition to getting corporate money our of politics, we need to eliminate corporate personhood or start putting those representing corporations in prison when they break laws. If it takes tons of money for free speech, then it isn't free speech!!