Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Fuck the following Conserva-Dem politicians who vote, act, and are actually Republican:

  • Blanche Lincoln-I'm so very glad you lost Blanche. Now you can go back to your old job of biting the heads off chickens at the Tyson chicken processing plant in Little Rock. Mock unions now you fucking twat.
  • Mary Landrieu-The sleaze that emanates off you and your corrupt family can be seen from outer space Mary. How about you go take a dip in the oil slick rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Rick Boucher-You never met a liberal/progressive piece of legislation that you didn't want to piss on and now you've lost your seat in SW VA. Holy shit, I could not be happier. You know what Rick? You should be forced to go get a coal mining job since you loved big coal so much.
  • Joe Manchin-The string of US Senators who are owned by Don Blankenship and big West Virginia coal companies continues!
Manchin and Landrieu are still in office and can still fuck us over, thank goodness that Lincoln and Boucher are leaving soon. Yo, Rick and Blanche, don't let the door hit your hit your traitorous asses on the way out.


pureklass said...

I'm always shocked to be reminded that Lincoln and Landrieu are democrats. "Democrats."

I still wish we had an option to say "I'm not fond of any of these, but I DEFINITELY vote against this one."

Nan said...

I'd like a "none of the above" option.