Friday, November 19, 2010

Free the Expo '67

It hit me as I picked up this book off the free table at a local bookseller that I have never been to a world's fair. I hope to change that before I die.


intelliwench said...

Hard to believe they had a World's Fair in Knoxville, of all places.

dguzman said...

I would like to go to one too, but from the past -- it seems like now it's all about fried crap and giant butter cows.

Did you ever read "Devil in the White City"? It's a great book, nonfiction, about a serial killer who lived (and killed) during the World's Fair in Chicago, just before the turn of the century. The cool parts are about the building of the fair, the invention of the Ferris wheel, etc. Fascinating stuff.

Kulkuri said...

Thought about stopping and checking out Expo67 on my way from Maine to Upper Michigan when I went home on leave, but decided to spend as much time at home as possible. Maybe if I'd had a better car I might have, instead I flew home.