Wednesday, October 13, 2010

School dazed

I love how everyone, and by everyone I mean pundits and people who hate unions, are suddenly so concerned about our nation's schools. They're so concerned about them that they make films, prattle on endlessly while on TV, and spill gallons of ink to pinpoint the problem with all the schools in our land. And pinpoint the problem they have. It should shock no one that in these days of corporations uber alles and profit before people that the problem with our schools is also public enemy number #1 to every corporation and business out there, the teachers union!

That's right. You heard me. The pundits, the purveyors of privatized schools, and the preachers of profit prefer that teachers not be unionized and that their union is the one thing that is holding back great advancements in our schools. The fat cat left wing teachers unions are preventing any progress from being made in making our schools better, and more efficient. Study after study has shown that kids who have art and music education in their early elementary years do better in schools than ones who don't. So what did the teachers union do? They made local communities cut their budgets to they wouldn't have to teach those subjects. Then they made local communities slash their budgets even further so the kids wouldn't be able to have books and other things they need for learning. And for the final outrage, the teachers asked for a raise. They already make more than people working at McDonald's and Wal Mart, what else do they want? A million dollar garage to park their limos in? The greedy teachers get all summer off and they have the gall to ask for a raise? It's sick, the pundits and anti union people will tell you.

Maybe the solution to making our schools better is to stop trying to break the organization that offers teachers protection. Then we could start by fully funding schools by taking away tax breaks that are given to big box retailers and companies like Microsoft. Next for every academic program that gets cut, a sports program gets the ax as well, football is incredibly expensive and it benefits a relatively small amount of people, cuts in the areas of science and English could prove to be fatal to people. I also recommend that solar panels be placed on all school roof tops so that schools can generate clean sustainable electricity that can flow into the local power grid so that we can lessen out use of coal.

The problem isn't teachers making too much money or having a union. The problem is we don't want to pay to make our schools any good. And in the long term the problem of sub standard schools is going to be even bigger than the mortgage crisis. If Johnny can't read because there was no money for books, then we are all fucked.


Kim Hambric said...

The church of WalMart has taught us that cheapness is next to Godliness. Not spending money is a religion and in the U.S. we are quite evangelical about that. We want what we want and we don't want to spend any money on it. God bless America and our cheap asses.

Perhaps I should send my daughter's third grade teacher a thank you note for dedicating her life to teaching children (for not nearly enough pay).

Lisa said...

Can you hear me clapping and cheering?

Elizabeth said...

Preach it Mr. Monkey! In Japan teachers are paid more than engineers!

Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

Excellent arguement and an awesome image to go with it !