Friday, October 15, 2010

Put up or shut up

Here's a page from the second installment of my graphic novel Hip Deep, Mountain High:
I really really really like this page, the dialogue, the layout, the part of the story it's telling, everything. I think I really hit my stride with the look and layout of the project in this twenty five page installment.

If you liked the first installment, which I let you read for free, and if you like this and the other page I put up a week or so ago, then please, by all means I encourage you to read the second installment. One little thing though, if you're not in it, you'll have to make a minimum $15 donation to my PayPal account to do so. And if you don't like PayPal, I'll be glad to take your personal check or a money order for that same minimum donation amount.

"Hey," I'm sure some of you are saying, "what's up with that Dr. Monkey? Why you charging to read it? Why can't I read it for free?" The thing is I do a lot of stuff for free. This blog is free, as are most of my other blogs. I do Facebook for free. So, that's a shitload of content, political insight and rants, comedy, pop culture commentary, and other stuff for free.

I've incurred expenses doing this graphic novel, and truth be told I incur expenses for some of the stuff I give you for free on the blogs of Dr. Monkey, and the folks who have been kind enough to be in my graphic novel project incurred expenses in being in it, so I'm out to make those expenses back and to eventually pay the folks who are in my project for their time and willingness to help. So that's why I'm offering my graphic novel to you on a donation basis. And truth be told, it's that time of year again, city and county taxes are due on Monkey Central and the holidays are coming up, so I could use some extra cash and that's why I decided to charge for this project as well. If you're in it, then you get a free invite to the invitation only blog where it's residing now, if you're not in it, then you got to make that minimum donation to my Pal Pal account or send me a check or money order for $15. I'd also add if you're in it and you want to make the donation so one of your friends or family can read the graphic novel, because you're cool like that, then that's awesome.

If you think you're going to get an invitation to read it because we've been long time blog buds, then you're wrong. I love all my long time blog buds, but they've got to pony up that minimum donation like everybody else. If we know one another in real life and you are banking on me inviting you for free, don't. Don't bank on it. I'm standing firm on this. See, you think nothing about dropping $20 on movies, books, or CD's that were written by people you don't know and will never know, so why not drop $15 on my graphic novel? It's written by someone you do know, or at least feel like you know, and after PayPal takes their tiny cut, I and the cast get the rest.

The donation is a one time only thing, you don't have to keep making over and over again, unless you want to that is. And I promise you, if you make that donation and you jump aboard the ride that is Hip Deep, Mountain High, then you'll be getting one of the most surreal, funny, original crime genre graphic novels the world has ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're asking for some cash on this- your points are excellent and besides, yes, we all support all kinds of things that are funded in ways we don't understand. Why not support something very basic and direct: a friend's art?