Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not in the least

Here's a list of people who I do not think are funny at all:

  1. Jimmy Fallon
  2. Seth Myers
  3. Horatio Sanz
  4. Judah Muttonchops Trucker Hat on 30 Rock
  5. The Kenneth the page character on 30 Rock
  6. Eddie Izzard
  7. Russell Brand
  8. Dennis Miller
  9. Howard Stern
  10. Don Imus


Vic said...

I'd like to add

Robin Williams
Whoopi Goldberg

D. Prince said...


Dr. MVM said...

Yeah Vic, I forgot Robin Williams. He's become painfully unfunny in his 'golden years.'

DrGoat said...

Dane Cook

Sleestak said...

You forgot Bob Saget "The Least Funny Comedian in America".

gmb said...

I second this list. Just add Adam Sandler and it's just about complete.

Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

I agree with DrGoat... Dane Cook makes my stomach churn.