Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ginny Thomas wants the following apologies

1) She wants the Move On supporter who got her head stomped to apologize for not letting her attackers stomp her more.
2) She wants President Obama to apologize to her for not having the right kind of proof that he was born in the USA.
3) She wants an apology from the makers of Monistat 7.
4) She wants an apology from the Birmingham 6.
5) She wants the Dave Clark 5 to apologize.
6) She wants the four horsemen of the apocalypse to apologize in advance.
7) She's waiting on the Kingston Trio to apologize.

8) She'd like the makers of Two for the Seesaw to apologize.
9) And she wants to hear an "I'm terribly sorry," from the makers of One Good Cop.

She'll get those apologies or they'll be hell to pay. Mark my words.


kirby said...

What, Melissa "Half Pint" Gilbert gets off without having to apologize? That hardly seems fair.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm sorry!

Dr. MVM said...

I bow down to your brilliance Kirby.

kirby said...

Brilliance? No. Sadly, just a mind chock full of useless trivia.

jadedj said...

I want Ginny Thomas to apologize for trying to take by MY America!

dguzman said...

And I think Clarence should apologize for not remembering to bring in the mail yesterday.

libhom said...

Hell, even I want the Kingston Trio to apologize.