Thursday, October 21, 2010

Delusional white woman of the decade

Clarence Thomas's teabaggin' wife is convinced that Anita Hill owes her husband an apology for what she put him through during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing almost 2o years ago. She honestly wants the woman her husband sexually harassed to apologize for telling the world what that pig husband of hers did to Ms. Hill. And she wants it done despite the almost 20 years that have gone by and despite the fact that the guy who wrote the book that claimed Hill was lying says he was wrong to have called her a liar and that he made up shit in the book he wrote about the whole affair.

In a year that's brought us Christine O'Donnell, Virginia Thomas wins the non coveted 'Most Delusional White Woman of the Decade' award.


Mauigirl said...

Well said, Dr. Monkey. I really wonder what prompted her to make this phone call after 20 years. Did she really mean it? Was it some kind of ploy? I don't get it. She is one whacko woman.

Kal said...

Well, that is the right. They only care about themselves. Their righteous indignation and myopic selective memories are the only way to explain these actions. There are people who can look at you with a straight face and say that 9/11 never happened on Bush's watch. This woman is just another part of the problem in America. If ever the word C**T referred to a person, Mrs Thomas is it. Don't ger me started on what an evil bastard her husband is. I am so happy to see her destory herself with this phone message - no credibility will remain except to those who think their lords and masters can do no wrong.

libhom said...

Some people are calling on her husband to apologize to Anita Hill for what he did.