Monday, September 27, 2010

It's time for another round of 'The Blame Game!'

This week's 'Blame Game!' question is: Who is to blame for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the USA?

First up is Zelda P. Crabby-twat,
"I blame the unions. Who the hell do they think they are asking for more money and benefits for their members? They ought to be ashamed for the way they've treated big business. It's like they want corporations to share profits with them or something. It's disgusting what they've done."

Donald T. Pantymight wants to weigh in,
"I blame technology, the internet, and the growth on my groin, the one that looks like the Jonas brothers, not the one that speaks to me late at night."

Ogg the caveman says,
"I blame the liberals who keep me dependent on government cheese, peanut butter, and powdered milk. Damn you Nancy Pelosi!"

Stacey Von Unctuous wanted to blame something but I refused to let her as long as she insisted on dressing so ridiculous.
And finally, Rev. Oral Syntax blamed the usual suspects,
"I blame atheists, Negroes, Chileans, the gayists, Unitarians, oh wait, I already said atheists didn't I, west coast hippies, vegans, fans of Bollywood films, devil worshipers, Communists, pointy headed intellectuals, insomniacs, sports lovers, infiltrators, masturbators, instigators, the Florida Gators, hip waiters, race traitors, and the Spice Girls. It's all in the Bible, look it up if you don't believe me."


Kal said...

Now that was sadly funny. All the best humor comes from a place of deep painful truth. And you should work for Mad Magazine making up names all day. That post was so National Lampoon also that I cried a little at the death of satire. Fine work, sir.

Mnmom said...

I'm reporting you to the FBI - they are on a peace-monger-godless-liberal house raiding wave lately.

dguzman said...

I had to listen to this idiot customer today at work, blaming everything on "that goddamn muslim Obama--he'd shoot you soon as look at you!" Then he started in about how Sarah Palin's family values and belief "that all things come from God, 'cause they do" would make her an excellent president.

God, I hate these fuckers.