Monday, July 5, 2010

An open letter to Spencer Parsons

Dear Spencer Parsons director of the film I'll Come Running,

First of all congrats on directing a film that got picked up for nationwide distribution.

Secondly, thanks for letting this little Hispanic hottie be the female lead in it:
She's really Latina hubba hubba.
But dude, if you want people to like your film, to appreciate your film, then you need to do two things:

  1. Get all your actors to enunciate. Swallowing and mumbling lines may be the cool and hip thing to have your actors do, but if no one can understand what they are saying, you might as well make a silent film.
  2. Fix the sound quality of your film. The sound of your film can best be described as shitty and muddy.
I hope you get to direct more films but seriously dude, if people can't understand what the actors are saying, then they're going to turn the film off in the middle like I did to your film I'll Come Running. I didn't give a shit about your characters because I had such a hard time hearing them because they mumbled and you didn't fix the sound quality.

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