Friday, July 23, 2010

More stupid things people have said to me

Back in the mid '90's I was an extra on the film Box of Moonlight and there was an insane woman who was a production assistant or wardrobe assistant or something and she loved to run around the set asking stupid questions and saying really stupid shit.

Right before we were to do the take where we construction workers find out we're all being fired by the big boss lady who then flies off in a helicopter the film's director, Tom DeCillo, who is a super nice guy by the way, said, "Are we ready for our Ann Richards shot?"

He said this because the woman who was playing the big boss lady who fired us construction workers looked like the former governor of Texas, Ann Richards. After asking his question Mr. DeCillo, walked off to confer with John Turturro, the star of the film.

Upon hearing Mr. DeCillo's question, the idiot PA/wardrobe woman perked up and asked, "Is Ann Richards in this movie?" I told her that she was not and that the woman who was playing our boss only bore a resemblance to the late Ms. Richards. However since I was only an extra my word was not good enough so the crazy woman shut down the entire set of the film to find out if indeed Ann Richards was in our low budget independent film. She asked everyone, except us extras, if it was true Ann Richards was in our film. After about 30 minutes DeCillo finally came back to where the grips and lighting guys were supposed to be setting up the shot and he asked why nothing had been done. Someone told him that the idiot PA/wardrobe had asked that nothing be done until she could find out if the rumor about Ann Richards being in the film was true. He rolled his eyes and then he told the grips and lighting guys to please set the shot up and he asked them to ignore whatever that woman said from now on, she was standing a few feet away from him when he said that.

I turned to her and said, "So, I guess Ann Richards won't be appearing in the shot huh." She glared at me and then walked away.


Darius Whiteplume said...

Nice. I hate when people ask questions when they know they are going to disregard the answer.

Kal said...

In comedy, timing is everything.

Mnmom said...

Ann Richards would have gotten a big kick out of that.

Blueberry said...

Good story, and something else you might enjoy. The Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre gets celebrities to appear in their opening spots telling people not to act like asses during the movie. This one *does* have Ann Richards in it:

Wings said...

Interesting story, Doc!

Cormac Brown said...

Wow, lucky, working with DiCillo while he was still on top.