Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stay classy Senate Republicans!

Boy oh boy, do southern Republicans know how racist they look attacking Kagan and the late Thurgood Marshall?
It's almost laughable watching Sessions and Kyl, not a southern Senator by geography but one by mind set, exhuming Marshall's corpse and flogging it. They're playing to their base who has forgotten that Marshall was the man who argued and won Brown v. Board of Education and who was on the correct side of history with so many of his judicial opinions.

It's also funny watching them attacking Kagan for not having any judicial experience when just a few years ago they were fawning over Harriet Miers who had no judicial experience.

And once again they're warning us about activist judges when all the judges that idiot Bush appointed were activist and on the side of big business and the monied elites.

Perhaps the Senate Republicans did the math and they decided they can get elected with out any black, Hispanic, or sane people voting for them. Whatever works I guess.

Actually what I hope happens is that they filibuster Kagan, Obama withdraws her name, and then he actually nominates someone who is progressive and who will tip the balance of the court back leftward.


DrGoat said...

Yeah, I love it when they condemn others for being activist. Not like Alito or Thomas, oh gosh no.

Professor Chaos said...

Trashing Thurgood Marshall. Yeah, that seems like a winning strategy! Good luck with that in the next election, jackasses!