Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember this little gal?

She was on that awful CBS sitcom Still Standing. Her name is Renee Olstead. And guess what?
She's got two CD's of jazz and American song book standards out. And the CD I heard, her first, which she recorded when she was 15, is off the charts good. Her voice is stunning and the arrangements on the CD are superb.
Oh yeah, she turns 21 in a few days so you're not a perv if you call 'Hubba hubba!' on her.

Seriously, if you like jazz, female vocalists, or good music in general, give her a listen. She's fantastic.


Wings said...

I'll take your word on her singing, cause her acting wasn't the best.

Will have to seek her out on iTunes.

Nathan said...

Can't comment on her musical career, but she DID grow up well, didn't she?