Sunday, June 6, 2010

My new favorite band ripped up my town

We got treated to a free Southern Culture on the Skids concert at the Blue Plum Festival here in Johnson City last night. And holy hell did it rock. The band played a blistering 90 minute set that featured all their well known songs like 8 Piece Box, Camel Walk, Daddy was a Preacher but Momma was a Go Go Girl, Banana Puddin', My House Has Wheels, along with many others.

They ripped this town to shreds with their version of swampy rockabilly music. At all times the music was raucous, catchy, and wildly fun. By the end of every song everybody was dancing, shaking, and moving to the swingin' countrypolitan sounds the band was laying down.

I had a passing knowledge of the band but I didn't own any of their music until last year when I bought a used CD of theirs at the Disc Exchange in Knoxville. Being a huge rockabilly fan, I fell in love with their sound when I played it on the drive home. When I heard they were coming to town for a free show, I cleared my calender and waited with bated breath for them to hit town. And let me say again, man what a great show they put on last night. If they're coming to your town, and you can check their tour schedule on their website, go see them. You'll be glad you did and you might get a free piece of chicken or some banana pudding.

And if you do go, say hello to my new rock and roll girlfriend, bass player and one of the vocalists for the band, Mary Huff.The only thing better than her hair is her singing and bass playing.
Long live Southern Culture on the Skids!


PENolan said...

There's just nothing like a beehive or a bouffant especially in pink - but only a real warrior princess can pull it off in the humidity.
Those wigs are hot in every possible way.

Anonymous said...

A free show? I'm jealous as all hell. I lurv SCOTS.