Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cagey voters

The corporate media pundits told us that this was the year that incumbents were going down like a meth crazed evangelical minister at a gloryhole. Turns out they were wrong again. All incumbents who faced a primary challenge won, except for one, and he lost because he was a flat out idiot.

Voters in California nominated Carly Fiorina, seen here auditioning for a role in the female version of Bent,
to run against Barbra Boxer in the US Senate race. If Carly wins in November it would serve the voters of California right if she did to their state what she did to the last company she was in charge of. (She ran Hewlett Packard into the ground and it's stock dropped like a rock while she mismanaged it.

Also in California Meg Ebay won the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Of course she voted for herself, and this was the first ever ballot she ever cast. Previously, she maintained that only 'the little people' bothered to vote. If she doesn't squander the rest of her fortune in the upcoming election maybe she can use what's left to help balance her state's budget, you know like Arnold Schwarzenegger's doing.

And finally Blanche Lincoln, the US Senator from Wal-Mart/Tyson Foods, held off a stiff challenge in her primary in Arkansas. Rural voters preferred her rival so somehow she managed to get a bunch of polling places in the rural counties, which is pretty much the entire state of Arkansas, shut down. And being the gracious winner that she is, she immediately criticized the labor unions and outside interest groups that back her opponent. She did so while taking a bath in cash she got from oil companies, Wal-Mart, and other corporations. Blanche believes in taking cash only from corporations because it's easier for her to do their bidding. If she took money from labor unions, then she might have to actually do something for the working people of Arkansas and the USA.

Oh yeah Blanche, those working folks of Arkansas have a message for you, they want to show you how you are still number one in their hearts:
I share that sentiment too.


PENolan said...

<--- Applauds from the peanut gallery

Nan said...

You left out the third part of the Arkansas axis of evil: J.B. Hunt.

Politicians need to start wearing coveralls like NASCAR drivers - Lincoln would have her Tyson, Walmart, and J.B. Hunt patches, Ben Nelson would look good in Mutual of Omaha colors, Mary Landrieu could don BP's yellow and green. . . Did you catch Landrieu on the news this morning insisting that deep water drilling must continue because too many jobs in Louisiana depend on the oil industry?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about Fiorina's hot mike incident? It's getting no end of coverage here this morning and local radio is playing it back and forth alongside soundbites from Thurston Howell III. Good stuff. Seriously, though, the only thing it makes me think is that she must have pissed off the stage crew awfully quick for them to "accidentally" leave a mike open. That stuff doesn't happen by accident in politics.