Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So long you phoney Democrat!

Arlen Specter wanted to be the US Senator from Pennsylvania for life but his highness got booted out by real Democrats across his state. Specter stood by Bush/Cheney and helped them erode our freedoms and take away our civil liberties, then when it looked like he was going to get his ass kicked in the Republican primary, he switched parties to try to save his exalted public position of power. He honestly thought the rank and file Democrats of PA would support him after his years of serving the Bush/Cheney machine. He thought the rank and file Democrats of PA would let Wishy Washy Obama and Mealy Mouthed Harry Reid scare them into keeping this relic of the Bush/Cheney nightmare in office. Thank goodness the people of Pennsylvania were smarter than Specter and the corrupt leadership in Washington DC thought. Thank goodness they booted him off the ballot. He can still do some damage as his term won't end until December but one hopes since the old bastard is 80 years old he might get tired of doing the bidding of corporations and retire early so he can go suck the cock of his old Republican ally Ted Stevens.

Good riddance to Republican rubbish.

Let the Sestak era begin!


Kim Hambric said...

It did feel good to blacken in the dot next to Sestak.

The Station Agent said...

He always has that whole Cryptkeeper gig to fall back on.