Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy birthday to two titans of British comedy

Today is the birthday of Rob Brydon.
Brydon appears in the BBC Brit com Gavin and Stacey, in Little Britain (series 3), and in Michael Winterbottom's superb film version of Tristam Shandy. He's been in a slew of other stuff as well and he's actually a few years younger than I am. He's had the comedy career I would have had had I been British.

It's also the birthday of Ben Elton:
Elton wrote and appeared in The Young Ones (not my favorite British comedy ever but it's probably the most important ever because so many giants of British comedy were in it), Blackadder (most of which he co wrote with Richard Curtis who would go on to write and direct The Vicar of Dibley among other classics), and the classic police comedy series The Thin Blue Line (which starred Rowan Atkinson of Blackadder fame). He's written more series, films, and novels than those I listed here, he's truly a comedy genius.

And so is Mr. Brydon.

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