Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conservatives never let pesky facts stop them from scaring folks

If that really was a Soviet missile, it would have said 'CCCP' on the side, not 'USSR.' This book came out in 1965, you know, back before they fact checked shit like what our enemy's missiles might have written on them.


Politics said...

where do you see yourself politically because your pretty cool.

Mnmom said...

So the "Rear Admiral" wants to save us from "random missles". Yep, somebody's gay. And Phyllis Schlafly is a man, who taught Ann Coulter everything he knows.

Brian Busby said...

Ah, Phyllis Schlafly, still alive and kicking at 85. She must be as surprised as anyone, given that we've not heeded her warnings about the Soviets and their rocket-propelled vibrators.

The late Rear Admiral was a good collaborator. The most disturbing of their titles, Kissinger on the Couch (1975), brings such nightmarish images.

Kissinger on the Couch?

Mrs. Schaffly's site provides a description: "The major analysis of the disastrous defense and foreign policies of Henry Kissinger, who continued the McNamara strategy all during the Nixon Administration." 846 pages, but the duo's work wasn't done. The next year saw Ambush at Vladivostok. No, not a thriller, but a look at "[h]ow Henry Kissinger continued the same wrong- headed defense and foreign policies during the Ford Administration."

Both are out of print.

Nathan said...

Phyllis' son seems to be making sure her legacy of idiocy lives on. Ever seen Conservapedia?