Thursday, January 22, 2009

They'd like to thank the Academy

The Oscar nominations are out and without having seen any of the nominated films yet, here's my picks:

Best Picture-Milk. The members of the academy are still stinging from criticism about not naming Brokeback Mountain best picture a few years back so they'll vote in droves for Gus Van Sant's Harvey Milk bio pic.

Actor-Mickey Rourke. Hollywood loves a comeback. Sean Penn might win again but the odds are against him because he's alread won for a lesser role in a lesser film.

Actress-Kate Winslet. After being nominated so many times and not winning, Kate finally gets her Oscar this year. And when you look at her body of work, she deserves it.

Supporting Actor-Heath Ledger. No contest.

Supporting Actress-Amy Adams. The academy will forgive her for that horrid piece of crap princess movie she made with Disney a few years ago and they'll give her an Oscar for her otherwise wise acting choices. For my money she should have won an Oscar for her performance in June Bug a few years back.

Best Director-Danny Boyle. His film Slumdog Millionaire will get passed over for the Oscar but the academy won't over look the man who made it.

We'll have to wait for Oscar night to see if I'm right.


Blueberry said...

I love watching the Oscars. It's a guilty pleasure. Haven't seen that many of the highly nominated films. Heath Ledger is a shoe-in, but then I thought Brokeback was a shoe-in for Best Picture - that was a shocker of an upset. I'm sure Slumdog must be great but the trailer for it doesn't entice me. :-( {we will wait for DVD}

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm just listening to the nominations right now, so am withholding picks for now.

Ooooh just heard that MIA got nominated for original song for Slum Dog Millionaire!

dguzman said...

Oooh, we can have a death-match on our picks! The only one we agreed on was Amy Adams. That must mean she'll get hosed and lose.

Mommy said...

I like your picks, I want to see Slumdog Millionaire...

Cormac Brown said...

Wait a minute, you are a writer, where are the screenwriting picks?