Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sorry, I'm not buying it

It's official, I'm over this crazy notion that if you don't support Hillary Clinton becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party then you're a woman hating misanthrope. Clinton supporters both famous and not so famous say that you are betraying feminism by not supporting her.

That's bullshit.

Plain and simple bullshit.

I support Obama now that my two other choices, Kucinich and Edwards, have dropped out and just because I do so does not mean that I hate women and want to enslave them once again. On the contrary, I want women to have an even bigger say in all things and I'd like to see them truly equal to men in all respects, including monies earned for doing the same job. I am 100 percent behind equality for the sexes, for gay men and women, and transgendered people as well.

I'm just not for Hillary and here's why:

  • To me she represents the past at a time when we need to be looking for a new direction in our national and international politics.
  • We've seen what results we get when we go with an American political "dynasty." Not that Hillary would be as bad a Bush Jr, but I'm not ready to take that chance.
  • When it comes down to it, how much more experienced is Hillary over Obama in the national political arena? She has one term longer than him in the US Senate. That's it.
  • She sat on the board of this company for many many years:and the problem with that is it shows just how bad her judgement is. While Wal-Mart was growing it was killing locally owned businesses and driving manufactuirng to China and Mexico. It was also depressing wages and oppressing it's workers, and it still is. Did Hillary ever stop the predatory nature of the company on who's board she sat? Nope. She took a fat pay check and smiled as small and medium sized American towns bore the brunt of store and factory closures. She cashed those checks she got from Bentonville while many Americans were thrown out of work when Wal-Mart came to town.
  • She caved to big pharma and the insurance industry on her health insurance plan after she met resistance the first time around.
  • Her "3 AM" ad is alot like the ads and messages we've been getting for the past 8 years from Bush and his thugs.
  • She is the candidate clearly favored by the majority of multi national corporations.

Now, please realize that if you support Hillary that's fine, it's your right to do so, this is the USA after all and you're still allowed to support the corporate approved candidate of your choice. I don't hate you if you support Hillary and if she gets the nomination she'll give McCain a damn good run for his money.

Is Obama much different from Hillary? Despite what the media would have you believe, there is not much difference in what they say they want to do if elected. The biggest difference between them then is the fact that Obama is not part of any political dynasty and he has no national baggage to bring to his fight for the White House. To me Obama represents a break from the past and a break from the corrupt broken system is just what we all need in my opinion.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm a woman and I would not vote for Hillary, either. I don't think there's anything more anti-feminist than enabling an philandering husband.

Distributorcap said...

dr m

i really hope we get to see a woman as president in my lifetime -- just NOT this one.

you said it all and said it great

Mnmom said...

I agree with wandering coyote

Freida Bee said...

The philandering husband doesn't bother me, because that's their private business. For all we know she's muff divin' on the side, and I say,"Great."

But, shut the fuck up, Hillary, if you're going to try and sneak in Florida's and Michigan's delegates after Obama did the honorable thing by his word to remain off the ballot and not campaign in Mich and Fla. If she were ahead, we all know no such plea would be had, besides the fact that he would have won or come out very closely in primaries in those states. Now, Hillary can go to Florida and Michigan and say, I wanted to count your vote all along, you poor voters. While I think they should have just held the damn elections in the first place, I hope if there is a new primary cast, that those voters will not fall for her ploys. I also wonder how they would handle a mail in ballot. I'm skeptical. WHat about identification? That would not be fair to those denied a vote in other locales for lack of id. I saw one woman myself in my time in line.

That's what's pissin'me off today. Yesterday, it was her suggesting the Dem ticket could have on it her as president and him as vice. (Hillary, you are losing; why don't you talk about your being his vice-presidential running mate? Oh yea, you have now made that near impossible given the discredidations of Obama you have attempted.) The day before that it was the repeated video footage of her saying McCain is ready to be president, but Obama is not.

I was split on who to vote for between the two,because, as you say, they are similar policywise; the differences are mainly in perception, but it is her actions that help me realize that it is politics as usual. If Obama is just playing the same game better. Well, he's playin' it better.

Someone may have to tell me to got get my own blog here.

Blueberry said...

Obama has one thing that Hillary no longer has, if she ever had it at all, and that is a shred of integrity.

Every day, she does or says something (or HAS it done or said on her behalf) that really pisses me off, and I nearly launch into another rant. What a load of two-faced hypocrisy she has displayed! I will celebrate on the day she is defeated by Obama.

kirby said...

But I own a vagina. I have to vote for Hillary....

Seriously, either one of them would do a better job than the idiot boy king. It's just that I think Hillary is too polarizing a figure to get elected president. The scum that would crawl out of the woodwork just to vote "against Billary" would make the election close enough for the Republicans to steal again, and the country can not afford that. After Edwards dropped out, I decided to support Obama come November. I'll tell you one more thing, all of this talk recently by Hillary about "both of us" beating McCain and hinting at vice-presidency (after trashing Obama) just strikes me as loser-ish bet hedging
and pisses me off. Harumph!

Boxer rebel said...

I am so glad you said this. These are pretty much my exact thoughts except you have said them better than me.

Bubs said...

Well said Dr. Monkey. Great post.

I'm growing increasingly sickened by Clinton's willingness to trash Obama while complimenting McCain.

DCup said...

Hillary is getting on my last nerve with her Rovian play book. Yes, I'll vote for her in the general if she's the nominee, but I'm not going to be happy about it!

Micgar said...

I can't believe that people are bringing that(if you're against Hillary you're anti women)thing into the debate! I still think that some things are "planted" by Repub's so that they will create divisions. I am for Obama for the same reasons you support his candidacy.

Übermilf said...

In 2000, I watched George Bush jump up from a couch and yell "That's impossible!" when Florida was initially called for Gore. That's when I knew it was fixed, even before hanging chads and voter fraud and such.

Likewise, I saw Hillary Clinton smugly announce that she WOULD win Ohio and Texas.

She's "The Man" regardless of what shriveled remains of a reproductive system she has.

mwb said...

I just want it over with. I can support either of them in the general. They both have strengths and flaws. Both of them are terribly far from my ideal candidate, but will be immeasurably better than McCain.

On the other hand, I do want to take some of the supporters of each of them I see on-line and drop them into the swamp where they belong.

barbie2be said...

you took the words right out of my mouth, dr. monkey.

i am a woman. but i can't in good conscience vote for a candidate that 1. sat on the board of a corporation like W*l-M*rt. 2. consistently voted for the war.

did you know they (?) tracked down the child in that 3 AM ad and asked her who she supported. her answer was Obama!

Snad said...

As for the punditry - meh. I'll vote for a shining glob of spit on the sidewalk before I vote for McCain.

Now, as for the picksher of Hill and McCain, might I suggest the two get a room before I puke my guts out.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

All-I'm agreement with Freida, whatthey did behind closed dooors is on them, whatthey did while oin boards and in the White House is open for ridicule.

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, yes, what goes on in their private life is their business, however her decisions around it speak greatly about her character.

Mauigirl said...

Well said, Dr. Monkey. This pretty much sums up most of my reasons for supporting Obama as well - plus he has the ability to bring in new younger voters.