Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fat people don't matter

Here's the lingerie ad ABC and FOX refuse to run:

Now I don't know about you but I'm of a mind that the gal in that ad is pretty hot. She curvy, pretty, and all around hubba hubba. To me she looks like the women I see every day in real life. She looks better to me than the skinny sacks of bones that Victoria's Secret uses to model their new line of lingerie 'The Nakeds.' And don't tell me you haven't seen Victoria's Secret ads for that line, if you watch TV then you've seen it. It's full of even more scantily clad women than the above ad is and it's got a 'sexy' provocative name. And every channel that takes lingerie ads is running Victoria's ads and I have yet to see one of these ads from Lane Bryant on any channel.

Why is that?

It's because this is America and we don't want to think that overweight people, which is pretty much everybody in this country, are out there having sex, let alone enjoying and reveling in it. We want to imagine that only hot pretty people are making the beast with two backs and that hopefully only they will have children. The corporate media has conditioned us to want only celebrities, models, wealthy jocks, and skinny sexy people to mate and procreate. They told us time and again that fat people are stupid, ugly, and unworthy of sex, children, and fun. And this episode in advertising proves it yet again.

A female apologist and talk show host for FOX has said it was okay for her network to not run this ad because of all the cleavage the gal in the ad is showing. What she meant to say was that it's okay for them not to run it because the cleavage belongs to a 'fat' woman and not a skinny model. Oh the woman at FOX who said that is a former Miss America, so there you fucking go.

So the bottom line is this, if you have a big bottom and some extra pounds, then you probably bought too much processed food that have been advertised on FOX and ABC, and now you have become a disgusting pig who has no business buying lingerie and enjoying a healthy sex life. Keep your rutting private you pigs because according to FOX and ABC new ad policy, no fatties are allowed.


SkylersDad said...

We have no problem showing somebody getting cut in half by an automatic weapon, but don't show and breasts jiggling!

K.Line said...

I have a theory about this. The reason that the TV station won't run it is precisely because this woman's "fat" equates to much more substantial curves than a "regular" model's. Skinny people don't generally have breasts (at least not naturally - and implants don't have any of the sexual, visual impact of "real" breasts, for my money). I think the woman is actually sexy because she has large breasts. And TV people are scared that middle America can't take that.

RTW models are by their very nature asexualized. They have the bodies of children.

I live in my (large-chested) body every day. I know about its impact. Doesn't matter if I wear sack cloth, people are glued to the tits. I've come to terms with that. I'm sure many large-breasted women would love to see their sex-appeal reflected in an ad like this one.

MommyLisa said...

K.Line...that is EXACTLY what I was going to say. I have DDD chest and I could wear the EXACT same shirt as a girl with a B or C cup and people would say it was "inappropriate for work" on my and perfectly fine on the other woman.

It sux for them, cuz I wear what I want and own my chubby body. Now, not scandalous or really inappropriate, but I am not a prude.

Whiskeymarie said...

So...Victoria's Secret gets a prime-time slot for their runway show, and this 25-second ad is too "racy"?

I am so very, very sick of the glorification of a nearly unattainable body image for women. Finally there is an ad that shows how the majority of the women in this country actually look, and it's deemed unsuitable.

Fuck ABC, fuck Fox- I'm sick and tired of the media making women feel bad for not being some ridiculous idea of "perfect"- it's as if we should apologize for not being a size 2 and actually having hips, breasts, and shapely booties. I, for one, am pretty happy that I don't look like a malnourished teenage boy.

On a positive note- HUGE kudos to Esquire for putting Christina Hendricks on the cover of this month's "Women" issue. She's very shapely and proud of it- and she's my new girl-crush. Va-va-VOOM!

Professor Chaos said...

Not that it should matter, but who thinks the Lane Bryant woman is "fat?"
She looks amazing to me!

Anonymous said...

THIS is the ad that was banned?!

A) That woman is hot as balls.

B) I've seen MUCH racier commercials that this on tv...bad enough that I've been uncomfortable and changed the channel. THIS is not offensive in any way.

C) ARGH! As if anyone needs to see any more skinny chicks.

I'm halfway between slim and curvy, but I am happy for every bit of curve I do have. It makes me feel womanly and sexy to actually have some flesh on my body, and I've never met a man who didn't like that!

Carolyn said...

I found you via Whiskeymarie. You are my new hero. If the woman in the ad is fat then we are all doomed. She is beautiful, curvy and healthy. She is not emaciated or anorexic looking like 99% of the other models out there. She looks like she'd be wonderful to touch, soft and alluring rather than a stick covered with skin. She owns her body and is clearly reveling in it. I've never fit the mainstream model of beautiful. I'm over 6' tall, I have curves and I stick out like a sore thumb everywhere I go. How refreshing to see something different and little more like the average woman. How wonderful to know that there are men (and women) that celebrate healthy bodies and are as fed up with the RAP the media usually feeds us as I am.

(I'm Carolyn, I have no idea why Google insists on calling me None.)

Carolyn said...

Sigh, that should be CRAP....

jadedj said...

Hell, this girl is mega fine. Being an old guy (with a youngish brain, thank you very much), I can remember a hot lady who would probably not qualify by these jackwad's standards...and yet she is considered the epitome of hot. Who? Marilyn Monroe. Dumb asses.

Also, as you said, the skinny minnies have zero to do with reality. The message being that reality is bad.

I also resent Madison Avenue dictating what we should be liking and not liking. I have never cared for Madison Avenue's idea of America.

Excellent post and observations.

Ravyn said...

Thank you for this. I am sorry to say that the woman in the video is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. If that is what fat looks like, then sign me up. As someone who struggles constantly with my weight, I wish I was in the place to consider myself that beautiful.

Mel said...

That woman is not fat, she is a REAL woman!
How stupid it is to pretend that only skinny people is worth seing and imitated...
Long live large breasts, curvy hips and a sexy smile! (Never saw one of those skinny ones smile, might be grumpy due to the lack of food!

Gwendolen Elaine said...

My 15 year old son and his sister came through as I was watching the ad, and after it was over I told them that tv wouldn't air it bc they think she is either too sexy, or just too fat...he said, "THAT girl?She's not fat...She's hot!" My 13 year old daughter on the other hand said "Ooh, God, she IS FAT!"

We(women) are so much harder on ourselves than men are.Wonder why?I bet Lane Bryant knows.

Kulkuri said...

Have to agree with the above commenters, she is not fat. Agree with you and some of the commenters that she is sexy. Have no idea why any network wouldn't run this ad. Must be that those in charge haven't the foggiest idea what real life looks like.

jadedj said nowadays Marilyn Monroe would be considered fat, what would they think of Jane Mansfield???

H said...

Sent here by WM...

So help me out, this is not OK to show on TV but it is OK to subject us to Paris Hilton rolling around in a barely there one-piece while soaping up a car and eating a dripping burger?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

If Whiskey Marie told you to jump off a bridge would you do that too H? (Just kidding. I'll take WM's readers any day.)

Ricky Shambles said...

Great post - I've seen much worse than that in shows on ABC and FOX as far as scantily clad goes and it's a no-brainer that the comments in this post hit on the realities of the situation: the woman is hot and the networks cannot handle women or curves that don't come out of the Unhealthily Skinny & Desexualized box. Damn shame. I'd pay more attention to the commercials if they did.

Laura said...

I agree with everyone else.
She is a beautiful girl, not fat.
It's a shame the ad was pulled.


gmb said...

I agree, Dr. Monkey. And that woman is incredibly beautiful and fit. Fox blows (but you knew that).