Saturday, August 4, 2007

Meet the Kuhns

This is Asheville, NC couple Mark and Deborah Kuhn sitting on their front porch exercising their Constitutional right to free speech and they were recently arrested for doing so. Perhaps some of you may not be familiar with this case and to be honest I was not familiar with is until a few days ago, but you need to be familiar with it because one of these days it may happen to you or me or to anyone who dares to have an opinion counter to those of the people in power today in our country.

Mark and Deborah put the flag upside down on their front porch because an upside down American flag is a universal signal of distress. They felt in distress over the way our country is being run and because of the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan. They blame, and rightly so, our stubborn Idiot in Chief for causing them the sense of distress. Now many people do not understand that while it may be a distress signal to fly the flag upside down, it is not against the law to do so. But, technically speaking, when they attached the picture of our Chickenhawk in Chief and those other papers to the flag, then they did break the law.

As you can imagine some people in Mark and Deborah's neighborhood and city in general did not like them displaying the flag in that manner. One person got so mad about it he called the police and complained. On July 18, 2007 an Asheville City police officer went to their home and asked the couple what the heck was going on and if were they okay. The couple informed the officer that yes they were fine and they were only exercising their right to free speech. They informed him that they were displaying the flag upside down as a way to protest the wars of terror on Iraq and Afghanistan. The officer then told the couple that of course they had every right to protest the war in whatever legal manner they chose and he left.

Case closed thought the Kuhns. But they were wrong, so very wrong.

The male who called the police on the Kuhns is a man by the name of Mark Radford. He is a former police deputy and he is also currently a Staff Sargent in the National Guard. He was not satisfied with the results of his complaint to the Asheville City police so he took his now personal vendetta against the Kuhns a step further. A week after the city police did nothing and rightly so about the Kuhns, Radford got one of his National Guard underlings, who is also a Buncombe County Sheriff's Deputy, by the name of Brian Scarborough, to go out to talk to the Kuhns and to presumably to make them take down the flag that he found so offensive.

Scarborough and his partner raced over to the Kuhns house on July 25, 2007. He walked up on the porch and demanded to know why they were displaying the flag upside down. He told them that since they had attached the picture and the other papers to the flag they were desecrating it. The couple then proceeded to take the picture of our Moron in Chief off the flag, as well as the other stuff. Deputy Scarborough then demanded that they give him some form of ID, which the Kuhns did not have to do, nor do you if you are arrested for any reason. The couple refused and they went inside their home and they locked the door. Scarborough then proceeded to kick in the glass in, open the door, and he forced his way into the Kuhns home. He chased Mark Kuhn around his house, while Deborah screamed for help and called 911, and out finally he chased him outside of the house.

After the deputies threatened to taser his hysterical wife Mark Kuhn finally gave up and surrendered, as you can see in the picture below. Both husband and wife were arrested for desecrating the flag and resisting arrest.
Deputy Scarborough claimed later that he did not kick the door in and force his way in their house, he said that Mr. Kuhn slammed the door on his hand and that's when the glass broke and that's when he ran after Mr. Kuhn. Unfortunately for Deputy Scarborough there were many witnesses who backed up the Kuhn's story 100%.

When all this shit hit the fan the Buncombe County, and if that name sounds kind of familiar to you it's because the phrase 'Bunco Artist,' which means con man, is derived from the name Buncombe in Buncombe County, the Sheriff's Dept. said that it was their duty to investigate all crimes in the county, whether they occur in the city or in the county. They stuck by Deputy Scarborough, who by the way was just back from Iraq and probably suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and they said they planned to prosecute the Kuhns to the fullest extent of the law.
But thankfully cooler heads prevailed and as of yesterday, 8-3-2007, all charges against the Kuhns have been dropped. You can read more in depth coverage of the plight of the Kuhns here and here.

What gets me about this case is that this Radford guy got so pissed off that the City police did not do what he wanted so he went and got his National Guard bud to do his dirty work for him. Radford did not have the balls or decency to speak to the Kuhns face to face, he had to do it through the various police agencies. And to top it all off he followed his National Guard BFF Dep. Scarborough out to watch him arrest the Kuhns and it's been reported that when he saw Deborah Kuhn hauled off to jail that he shouted at her, "Yeah, go to jail baby!" It turns out that Radford is also Scarborough's direct superior in their National Guard unit. He reminds me of the little kid who gets pissed that his mommy won't make his siblings do what he wants so he goes and snitches to his daddy as well.

I'm willing to bet anything that sooner rather than later this Radford guy puts on his white sheet and his white hood and he and his KKK, oops I mean National Guard, buddies show up one more time at the Kuhns.

It makes me sick to my stomach that people like Radford are helping their President try to scare people in to keeping silent about the war. If we don't shut the hell up and get in line and believe and act and be more like them then we're gonna get ours. And by "ours" I mean a cell in Gitmo. If we don't all fall in line and fall for this,

then we're all gonna get rounded up.

You think I'm jumping to conclusions don't you? You think it can't happen here? Well, go talk to the Kuhns and to the people in the anti war movement that the FBI admits to spying on. Then maybe if you have time go look up all the laws that our Traitor to the Constitution in Chief has changed so he can "fight" the terrorists here at home. It not only can happen here, it is happening here.

And if what happened to the Kuhn's doesn't scare you, then you're not a patriotic American and you stand with this ass hat:

(Girl with the gun picture lifted from Samurai Frog's blog.)


Joe said...

Un-fucking believable. I had not heard the full story, I just read a brief blurb about a couple arrested for flying a flag upside down.

Hopefully they are already well represented and will collect a big-ass settlement when they sue that department.

Anonymous said...

Truly funny content. Good work

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Bubs-They said at first they just wanted to get through the ordeal and later they'd think about suing. I'm with you though, I hope they sue Buncombe County's ass off.

News-I have no idea who you are but this post is not meant as a fucking joke, this all really happened.

Chance said...

Holy shit. Scary. All my life, even back when I was a dumb-ass teen, I used to argue with republican idiots who would brag about the Constitution, and its guarantees which to them made this the best country in the world.

They would always get mad when I offered the opinion that the Constitution, like any law, could be altered or over-ruled by someone in charge. That nothing's a guarantee.

Well, we live in those times.

Radford sounds like an UTTER prick. I hope the Kuhns own a gun, for their own protection.

Anonymous said...

This is just one more drop in the bucket.

The takeover has been slow, somewhat methodical and just beneath the surface for many years.

Another tin foil hat for the collection!

Pam said...

It scares the SHIT out of me.

My husband is terrified I will be killed b/c of my bumper stickers. And it coudl happen. Especially in Bu$hmeriKKKa!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm..... while attaching anything to the flag may be prohibited by the idiotic flag desecration act, there is no way that the act is constitutional, if anyone ever had the money and time (at least 5, to as many as 10, years to appeal it up the chain). It is pathetic that these folks were arrested and they sure should sue for a vioaltion of their civil rights (while we still have any).

Slightly off topic, I am deeply disgusted that the democrats in congress rolled over and allowed President Bumblefuck to extend his unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping and spying powers to be expanded. No doubt, many of us here today are on a list somewhere. Be sure to exercise crimestop since Big Brother may be keeping an eye on us... it is like the panopticon. We police ourselves since, at any moment, we may be under survelliance.

We truly should march on washington and tar and feather those fuckers and toss them out of office.

Fran said...

This horrifies and disgusts me and makes me furiously angry.

I was going to say terrified too, but then I typed it and thought "why?".

The Bush-pocalypse is terrifying but doesn't scare me inside. Let them come after me too.

This admin counts on fear and they don't know what to do with those of us who won't cower to their ugly evil.

Distributorcap said...

1933 redux........

Nuremburg on the PeeDee River (i dont remember which Carolina the PeeDee runs through)

Jess Wundrun said...

The only thing that saved the Kuhns from Radford and Scarborough, it seems, is the fact that Rad and Scar are stoopid.

I am afraid of the government, yes. But what scares me more is the aryan supremacy ability to turn on your neighbor. If my neighbor decides to set me up and destroy my life, it is all too easy to do. Neighbor complains that I am acting suspiciously, government keeps track of my book purchases, ACLU donations, and the crazy google search terms I use and bang, I am in jail without recourse to a lawyer. Or I get released and can't tell anyone I am under suspicion or else back to jail.

High feelings of flight on the fight or flight meter.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Chance and D Cup-It scares me too.


Covert-I'm right there with you pal.

Fran-Do not calm down, go do something to help fight the good fight.

Dist-Your knowledge of rivers in the Carolinas astounds me.

Jess-They want to turn all our neighbors into snitches and they want us all against one another.

splord said...

I am so proud to live in the Greater AsheVegas area!

btw, the flag desecration law the Kuhns were charged with breaking had been ruled unconstitutional in 1971.

splord said...

Whoops! I forgot the MountainX article you linked mentioned the 1971 ruling.


Freida Bee said...

Thanks for the scoop. I had not read about this under a rock and all. Gldd you're back mr. Monkus. The world's just not the same w/out yer blog.

Faded said...

Buy a gun. Shoot the Radfords and the Scarboroughs when they invade your home. It's time to fight back against fascism. And believe it or not, IT WILL INVOLVE ACTUAL FIGHTING.

Protesting this shit only works in reasonable society. There is nothing reasonable about the bushbots in America.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an absolute abuse of power!!

I would like to believe the ACLU or some other Non-profit Organization can help fund a lawsuit against all concerned parties.

oh, and I will be getting MY flag tommorow........

I'll keep ya updated

Anonymous said...

"btw, the flag desecration law the Kuhns were charged with breaking had been ruled unconstitutional in 1971."


I mean,

They still enforce the laws about black and whites using separate bathrooms too??

pissed off patricia said...

Soldiers in the past have fought and died for what our government is taking away from us today. Fu*king shame!

Anonymous said...

If attaching pictures to a flag is flag desecration, then writing on a flag is desecration as well, yes?

Levi_the_Oracle said...

If you really want to be a patriotic American, you must not be afraid to die for you freedom.

Anonymous said...

Great blog post! I sent links to your page to a few thousand people.

RedLetter Rev said...

I first read about this on BlueNC a couple of weeks ago. I was raised in Asheville and remember is was so blue. The only time I ever heard the word "republican" it had "goddam" in front of it.

Too sad how the half-backs have fled the Florida they despoiled and they're doing the same thing to the mountains.

Oh, by the way, it's the French Broad River that runs through Asheville. (If ya ever wanted to know LOL) The Pee Dee runs through the Piedmont of NC.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Thanks for the heads up, and glad that the charges were dropped.

Now, where can I get some of that 'Constitutional' Toilet Paper? Like the Supreme court makes?

Unknown said...

"No one and I repeat, no one has ever died for a flag. See, a flag is just a piece of cloth. They may have died for freedom, which is also the freedom to burn the fucking flag, see. That's freedom." Bill Hicks