Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's done

I did the interview with Dean from Boing Boing yesterday.  We talked abut all sorts of things, my blogs, my work scanning stuff, books, TV shows, my religion that I invented, and more.  I don't know when he's going to air it but it was lots of fun and he's a very gracious host.  Check their website for it.  I'll post the link when it hits.

And of course as soon as we got done and and we disconnected on Skype I thought of all sorts of other things I wanted to tell people about, like my love for outsider and folk art, my discovery of the hilarious drag performer Miss Coco Peru, and more.  But, be that as it nay, I'm still very grateful they spotlighted my blogs and gave me a chance to talk about them on their podcast.

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gmb said...

Oh god, thank you for Coco Peru.